Capsule Fillers with a Purpose

Most capsules are filled with an inactive substance like cellulose or dextrose.  At Gold Country Compounding we believe that the filler shouldn’t be wasted space.  Based on prescriber and patient preference, our capsules can be filled with acidophilus, ginger root powder, milk thistle extract, magnesium and other health promoting supplements.  

Oral Suspensions, Solutions, Syrups

Oral solutions are clear liquids with active ingredients dissolved in a suitable vehicle. Suspensions are used when the active ingredient is not soluble. Suspensions must be shaken before use. Syrups are concentrated aqueous sugar solutions. Flavored syrups are convenient for masking disagreeable taste.

Topical Creams, Ointments, Lotions and Gels

There are two main types of creams.  Oil-in-water which are more cosmetically acceptable, less greasy, and easily washed off. Water-in-oil creams are much thicker and provide an oily barrier that better at moisturizing. Ointments are semi-solid, greasy and anhydrous.

Lozenges, Troches and Gummies

Lozenges are a solid preparation similar to a cough drop.  Troches are semi-solid dosage forms that can be made in a myriad of flavors including chocolate!  Gummies are soft gelatin preparations similar to a gummy bear. 

Vaginal Creams and Suppositories

Vaginal creams and suppositories are specifically design for sensitive skin. Suppositories can be made from a fatty-acid base or cocoa butter. 

Rectal Suppositories and Ointments

Suppositories can be made from a base of synthetic triglycerides or cocoa butter. Rectal ointments are commonly used for hemorrhoid treatment. 

Topi-Click Instructions

Step-by-step instructional video on how to use a Topi-CLICK applicator.